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Peter Hess® Sound Massage


Like yoga, sound therapy is based on ancient knowledge of vibrational sound healing beginning in India and Tibet more than 5000 years ago. Tibetan singing bowls have been developed specifically for sound healing, and their tones and frequencies chosen for the pleasant, light sensations they bring to our bodies. 

At a one-on-one session, the Tibetan singing bowls are placed on top of the client's clothed body. As the vibrations of the overtone sounds begin to resonate within our bodies, thoughts come to rest, and a deep relaxation sets in. Becoming more "in tune" with ourselves and our environments helps to alleviate and dissolve stress, tension and blockages, in addition to growing our self-confidence, creativity, and intuition in new and positive directions. . 

For a group there will be offered the singing bowl healing bath in combination with Yoga Nidra, so one can reach a state of bliss through the subconscious mind. Yoga Nidra is an excellent meditation technique of reducing stress and pain, relieving insomnia and enhancing ones creativity.


my program will be offered for a wide range, e.g. for companies as a "stress relieving break", couples for honeymoon sound bath, dog owner for the pet you love, people who have a near and dear ones for a compassionate hospice care, schools and institutions for mindfulness and meditation settings